Cringiest songs

Lets make a playlist out of the cringiest songs you have listened.
Then lets make @Serxan listen to it/play it on a video as a dare

OR get daredevil @RetNos to listen to it.

I’ll start

Note: i’m not trying to start a war. Just post songs, don’t comment on other peoples choice. If you do have an urge to do so, file a complaint to me.

Further note: all complaints are ignored, please just dm the person.



Why me especially ? >:P

What i’ve done to you to deserve this punishement…

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Was hoping someone would post this, it’s an embarrassment to actual furries

this isnt cringe, this is peak.

Just listened to it and i laughed so F hard

Btw i will mute this thread to not be spoiled, ping me when the playlist would be ready :wink:

I was gonna post it :rage::rage::rage::rage:


Any more song that i can laugh about?

I mean the one that were sent here made me wheeze so much


Thats a good one, this one is also a good empire military song "In einem Polenstädtchen" - German Soldier Song - YouTube

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hearing my voice…