Crossbreeding Seeds

Whats the best crossbreed for classic painting?

Here is the recipe for it.

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Awesome n thanks, But What’s the best crossbreed to make profit with it?

Like classic painting + ?

Iron Block is what comes to my mind.

Classic Painting + Iron Block seeds make Old TVs which is a recipe for portals.

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Oooo thanks thank (20characters)

But the prices are too stable, :disappointed_relieved:
According to my calculations, you’ll actually incur a loss if you crossbreed classic paintings and iron blocks, IF YOU BUY THEM.

Have fun farming iron blocks :joy:

there’s only one crossbreed, there is no best one lol

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Post is odd .

As for the answer depends on how patient you are , whether starting from scratch or buying in to breed

As for TV seeds i have found these really hard to get … I once lined up 30+ TV’s and got 2 seeds. They aren’t actually farmable so you have to produce a lot more than you really need to make up for the losses.

I recently grew a load as making portals. In my opinion just farm the TV trees for seeds and TVs this is more productive.

Also block/seed prices fluctuate a lot and are affected by whatever event is going on (or coming up)

Good example is sand blocks and seeds now the fossil event has ended they are everywhere and cheap. Leading upto the event a lot more money…

Oh you really don’t need to buy seeds / nor blocks… I started at zero and my seed bank must now be worth a small fortune … I’ve never bought one !

Just cross breed

I dont buy em i make em

Yeah sure you could do that.