CTALK RECAP #1 (Fake Support Email, Mod Application, New Items in the BC Store etc...)

I know that a lot of people miss the CTALK event because of timezones and such, so i decided to do a recap of the event (ingame + discord stage)

Hope you will enjoy the video!

(for some reasons it took me way more time than i originally expected to do this video, hope it won’t take me 10hrs+ next time X)


Video was well made (:

Good work Retnos. Perfect for people like me who cant make it every because its freaking 4

Well I made it this week, I was a little late though.

Thanks for featuring my question. I’m actually typing up those suggestions currently for you to send up to Siskea, RetNos.

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Gotcha, but yea i thought it was a important thing to include soo i kept it (even tho i removed some parts of the clips)

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are we getting new dungeon retnos pls pls plzzz

Siskea didn’t talked about that iirc, but i think they may working on it since i remember it was mentionned in one of a previous CTALK