Current state of pixel worlds

watch me whine and be depressed over a children’s game that is shutting down too soon

This is just sad. Seems like they have mostly given up on pixel worlds. Seems like pixel worlds will shut down in about 1.5 years (because Jake said he bought 2 years of servers for pw about 6 months ago).

Why do I think this? I mean, this just seems hopeless. After I saw what happened to the summer update I’ve lost all hope. It has been, how long, 6 months? I don’t think they have any plans on hiring new developers, I mean, it’s way easier to collect the revenue the game makes and keep the game running until it isn’t profitable anymore to keep it running. Why bother with the extra work you know? I don’t think they care too much about this game, but it’s understandable, I can’t really blame them.

But I’m sad. I only joined this game because I was suspended from growtopia, I played that game for 6 years and after I got suspended I had to move back to pixel worlds. It was my childhood, ever since I’ve stopped playing growtopia I still want to go back to growtopia. But I moved on. Pixel worlds was my new game. I’ve known about pixel worlds since the beta release and I’ve played it for over 5.5 years.

This can’t be happening. If we can even get 1 of the old developers back it would change so much. And I still can’t believe how many of them left. It’s pretty sad to find out that most of the developers don’t have much interest in the game, especially Jake. Sure, they can say they like pixel worlds and stuff, but obviously they don’t have that much passion for it. I know they worked on the game for over 5 years and got burned out, but if they had enough passion for the game they would’ve figured something out.

So, are we, the small community that we have, going to let pixel worlds go like that? Probably. I don’t think there is much we can do. And even if we could do anything, we probably wouldn’t do anything. I will tell Jake next time I find him streaming about the current state of pixel worlds, but I don’t think that’ll help, but I’ll give it a shot.

I don’t want pixel worlds to end this soon. Please guys, we have to do something. There are still so many people out there who still care about the game.


I think I probably have some physiological connections with pixel worlds because of the growtopia situation. Sorry.


yeah loads of players either got banned for hacking or whatever unjustified reason doesn’t make the situation any better

I also don’t want PW to end this soon. People like Van want the game to burn, but many of us dont.

So many issues could have been solved if they put their pride aside and started being transparent with the community, and doing what we suggested for years. Imagine how much better things would be if they actually allowed themselves to get help from the community that made them succeed in the first place.


I’ve seen this happen before, I was a mod in a strategy game similar to Clash of Kings. The developer team changed for some reason and the new team was so unqualified, it was only a matter of time before a lot of mistakes were being made regularly until one update just completely rendered the game unfixable so they decided to shut it down and remove it from stores.

I had some trouble letting go of PW aswell, but one day I just decided that I was wasting my time and I would keep coming back to play no matter how long of a break I took, so I just gave everything I owned away and cut my connection to the game. At the end of the day its just a game with some pixels, if it shuts down, another will replace it.

dont think there will ever be a sandbox game that was good as pixel worlds

“I also don’t want PW to end this soon. People like Van” and Froji

Lmao, old devs don’t matter,

Just bring some new devs who are enthusiastic enough about the Game, the game needs stability and fun good updates, oh yeah…also if there were some better youtubers for this game who knows a sandbox game content isn’t about selling and buying items it would had been lot better, it might bring old players back.


Hard to reply but games actually need fresh ideas and that includes Dev’s.

PW has massive and varied content as it is but many are only interested in one or two things.

Longest time player in our family has as good as given up. All he wants is loads of money but will do nothing for it!.

I’ve said it before but this summer update is not that bad - i have made (and still am) an absolute fortune! the thing is it needs to be played . I don’t think a lot of those who moan about it play it that much. Have they considered a different game?

Banning? Just about all will be justified - some very young kids (our own little sister) play and scamming them is heart breaking.

Cheating with things duped to gain vast sums of money? Same view - good riddance i say . Perhaps try a trading game?

Of course the game has its issues - what games don’t?

I wish they had the budget of say Minecraft! Can you imagine …

In short go and play the game and less complaining about old times …

same with me bro i played gt since idk 2015 and got perma banned for no reason. support wasnt bothering too

ekipali getting banned permanently banned lol, the economy can finally become stable again

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is it bcus he was selling items? if its true that he sold items well deserved, we did it boys unstable economy is no more

Lmaoo he sold an item which was duped right, which means he cannot make up any excuses to the admins, good thing, sorry dude if you are watching this, it’s just a game, and you get banned.

One byte coin grinding youtuber down, 10-15 to go.