Daily PW facts until I run out

Daily facts about PW until I run out.
I will be updating this every day,because,you know, daily.

  1. Pixel worlds’s community manager before Jake was Zak

  2. Pixel worlds was released in beta on 24 November 2016, and it was only available on Android in Finland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Czechia

  3. The Netherworld used to be owned by a guy named Sacriel until the devs turned it into a dynamic world.

  4. SJP and dragon wings used to be developer items owned by commander_k

  5. There is only 1 CC Brown in the game

  6. The developers of the game have a dev hat, but it’s rarely used by them. They have it as a badge in the discord server.

  7. Pixel Worlds was built on the unity3D engine.

  8. There is a super rare chance of getting a fossil from a nether crystal.


Someone needs to say welcome back. So there done.

Keep em coming… I’m interested, at least



Really good ones. It’s been so long. Forgot about these.

I forgot about this💀 so there, I updated it

I always like it when someone remembers how it all started. Great work! Keep it going.

No8 is news to me, wow

Reminds me of a lava game i was at last yr (rare for me) where the owner broke a soil block and out popped a full fossil stone.! Outside of any pw fossil event and just completely random - surprised all there …

it happened to me once while breaking a bunch of few nc, then tried solving it and failed

fossils are mainly obtainable from breaking sand , sandstone etc but it can be obtained from other items like soil , cave wall etc