Dealing with a manipulator and scammer. Please help ( Changed)

This post is changed by me.

Basically, I was dealing with a case of a scam. Two people scammed each other and I am asking for a suggestion on what I should do and whether I have enough proof.

This post has violated one of the community guidelines for exposing someone else’s privacy. I am very sorry. :pray:

I realized that exposing someone’s in-game name, although He was a scammer, is also considered exposing privacy. :pray:

thanks to people who read my post from beginning to end, top to bottom, and answered my question, also gave me a suggestion.

I am sorry if I violated the guideline. :heart:


Some chats and proofs.


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tl;dr scamming a scammer is still scamming. Hope you didn’t get scammed. Who spends 2 whole weeks gaining trust from a scammer just to scam an item worth less than 10 wls. Makes 0 sense


Also please do not report people on the forums. Also no naming and shaming. Message a moderator or a admin. Heck even email support.


Makes no sense to me, but they are kids and Danijelo said he had hate from the start.

I am asking what I should do and whether I have enough proof.

Still you are showing the usernames of all the scammers and scammed victims. That isn’t allowed. Send it to mods/admins not the forumers
Pretty sure you have more than enough proof

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Some kids are so greedy.
Your 13 you should know better the nine year old is fine.

Better name and shame than msg a mod or send support.


bruh don’t post here, no name n shaming. Just dm a mod with it

Yeah I guess us powerless forumers were the first choice that came to your head, we’ll be on our way to ban them somehow

Pointless topic, do you want us to call their moms?

Tell your mother, she can do more than anybody here on the forums. Have a good day!

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Even if he was an actual Christian, I don’t think you’re even supposed to talk about how you’re Christian as a kind of getaway reason

Also tell that 9 yr old to be ready for scams because most kids that are 13- usually get scammed (Probably)
Also what I’m still surprised is that those people were literally doing bad things just for pixel items, completely stupid, when they grow up and look back at this situation, they would be ashamed

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Thanks for helping. :+1:

True, so many kids are greedy and only cares about themselves.

He was able to convice me, thankfully I know his real motive.

Yes, I have already told the 9-year-old

I am asking for a suggestion. I don’t understand how making someone viral is correct and asking for help means naming and shaming. :thinking: Anyways, thanks.

Why are you so negative? I am just asking for help or suggestion. You just have to answer like @SubOliverJ, no need for mom jokes.

I guess you guys are lazy people Please take your time to read and don’t just immediately assume bad, I am asking for suggestions and help, not asking some random forumers to ban him.

Please read before sending those negative comments. You can hurt others just because of your laziness.

I think you should censor the names

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Okay. :+1: