Dear developes, what are you doing?!

What the F are you doing PW devs? The team has everything that is required for publishing updates: developer & artist. So why latest update was HALLOWEEN update?

Now it’s confirmed that we’re getting a st patricks update pretty soon with couple new items and bug fixes… and that’s it? What has the artist done all this time? Jake could make multiple new items by himself in couple months, how come the new artist has only done like couple new clothes in half a year? That makes no sense! What are the devs doing with their time while at work?

Is it a lie that the game is still in active development? Because if it is, why is the game barely even updated…

Previously there were atleast 2 artists working on the designs, so that’s why we got more in each update. Perhaps they are thinking further ahead as easter is pretty close too, so they could be making a few new items for each update.
And I’m pretty sure Jake didn’t work on the designing side

who said that it is? :nerd_face: :clown_face:

They just lazy, I mean who genuinely would want to revive a dead game, there’s no point, after Jake left there’s zero hope.

if I remember correctly, jake was able to recolor items in a matter of hours