Dear Pixel Worlds Community

Here is my apology.

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Apology accepted :slightly_smiling_face:


Its good that your apologising but a quick tip is that
I waswatching this video at 2x speed and still got bored watching you type so next time if you cut out the typing it can be such a higher quality video.

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Sorry I posted this video in a rush.

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I wanted to reply to your first post where you said people wanted to get rid of you and I wanted to tell you that nobody wants you “gone”. Actually opposite, it’s cool to see YouTubers for PW because the more the better and it shows that community is invested. You don’t have to disappear or anything and I respect you and how you handled this :grin:


This was the longest 2 minutes and 24 seconds, but I accept.

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Apology accepted
I guess





Apology accepted, its okay.

I want to help you, so here are a few tips:

(yes these are obvious)

1.) Come up with creative, attention-catching titles.

Although whatever is attention grabbing is subjective but a good title that you think can grab one’s attention can make the person interested in watching the video. And yes, I shall admit your titles were clickbait, no one likes clickbait. So remember to always make titles faithful to the actual content in the video.

2.) Post original content

It’s normal for people to get bored of the same stuff. That’s the same case with PW videos. Posting original content that no one has ever made before is fresh for people who are suffocating from profit videos and road-to videos. I would also like to add that type of content that hasn’t been posted often (such as short movies) can also be acceptable.

3.) Better thumbnails

Players are bored of the many emojis, photoshopped jake, “shocked pixelian”, and bytes everywhere in thumbnails. I cannot teach you how to make a great thumbnail but just avoid the things I have listed, make whatever you think is attention grabbing, and you got yourself a good thumbnail. Check out tutorials also for further help!

I know that these are the basics, and have been re-iterated many times but now that Kazoid took notice, I just want to remind him again, and to add detail to why these should be done