Death effect

What do you guys think of this death effect (it’s a new in-game death effect)? image_2020-12-09_174054 I personally think that’s too much black involved while making that design.


I think it’s really dope, we need more death effects


I mean the player turns into ash in a sort of cartoonish way, so i think that it is fine. Glad to see that they are bringing some variety to the game.


the one with the ice is cool too

Crispy Crispy Crispy Crispy

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Then the player would literally fall on the ground as ash.


I really like it, i wish they add more death effects

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I love being frazzled, heck yeah.

It’s not bad, but I still prefering the old one, haha.

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I have no strong opinion on it :smiley: I think it looks alright. It adds some variety.

I personally dont like it

Hmmm, that’s a toasty pixelian

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items don’t count as death effects as its not from the trap itself