Debug info for faster bug detecting

So here are some improvements that I thought of which could make the game easier for the devs to fix bugs in.
These would be enabled by enabling “debug” in settings:

  • The main Loading screen will show the “task” it is on, such as “Global Server Check ~ !!!” or “Loading game metadata” or something, like how world transferring already does. Many games already do show this, and it would help devs by saying “on what task does the loading get stuck” instead of “on what approximate percentage of the bar it gets stuck”.

  • Errors would have error codes and a button to show the debug log that lead to it.

  • If it isn’t really a problem, maybe also show item IDs?

I just came to a thought that they should add a report bug button into the game, like press this key to report bug. But then I was like, when the game freezes, it can’t be a thing also especially while loading.

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I’m fine with the other suggestions, just curious on why this would be useful (in your opinion). Otherwise, not a bad suggestion, would help with reporting bugs and whatnot.