Decayed World Hunting Guide

Hi guys, thought I would make a short guide with some of the tips and tricks I use when hunting for decayed locks.
The guide will be split into two parts, 1 and 2.
I will combine an element of part 1 with an element of part 2.
Example: 1a + 2a = Name and Number.

1a. Names
Names are popular, a lot of people will use their name when creating worlds, I tend to go for common names, but avoid the super common ones like John or Smith. Few examples I would use are the likes of Steven, Jessica, Katie.

1b. Key word lists
I will work my way through lists of key words, such as animals, planets, countries etc…

1c. Random words
I will usually look for something like a book or magazine nearby and pull some random keywords from it, this can be great as other world hunters are less likely to search them, even if using the same method.

Now we have the first key word we need to search for worlds based on it. I again use a few methods.

2a. Numbers
I usually work my way through the numbers from 00-99. (00-10 and 80-99 seem popular as they’re likely people birth years, other popular ones include double digits and 69.)

2b. Keywords
I have a list of keywords that are common on the end of world names, you may have heard a few really common ones mentioned, such as Shop, Farm, Storage. Etc… But build the list, others such as Home, World, PW are popular too.

Further tips.

  • When using some of the methods don’t enter a world straight away, if yours searching name and number for example.
    Work through the numbers making a note of any that turn the join world button green, for example 21, 63, 68, 77.
    Then once you’ve done the number range jump back to visit the world’s.

  • Check locks
    Check decayed locks for names, the user may have other worlds decayed, for example, James77 was locked by a used called Frank123, search that name, then some variations such as Frank123Farm etc…

  • Build your keyword lists.
    There are only so many types of worlds you will find with Farm and Shop, add more keywords to your word lists and you’ll find some uncovered gems, I won’t give away my full word lists but I’ve found some beauties with the keyword City.

  • Carry some blocks/doors and locks.
    The last thing you want to be doing is fumbling around the shop menu or mining for blocks to try and block the entrance when someone else jumps in and pops down a lock while you’re trying to.

I hope you find this helpful.

Feel free to comment any of your own tips and suggestions below.

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My advice is simple

Just have a system … … then follow it through.

I’ve tried so many different methods and they all work .