Deep Nether. Deep mines?

I got an little idea of making “Deep mines” as a Mining update part 3!
Soo there could be “Dark Bone”(s) (can get only 0-3 Dark Bone(s)(untradeable) in 1 lvl 5 run.can be found only in lvl 5 (100 Dark consume to a “Dark key”(untradeable)
That be used to entry “abandoned mine shift” in pixelmines. Soo in Deep mines u can collect “Dark gemstones” that Gives:
Tiny: 100 gems
Small: 200 gems
Medium: 500 gems
Large: 1000 gems
Huge: 1200 gems
But there Are 60 monsters to kill (no potions allowed)
There can be found very rare ingredidents!
I hope u like this suggestion.
Sub to Fazeus pw!

Well just for the gemstones it doesn’t really make sense that the huge is only 200 gems more than the large they’re usually worth twice as much

its ok, but getting 1 at lvl 5 mining is very hard for me, if this existed then expect this to be expensive.

no potions = deadly

Having deep nether is good because nether is all the same (like no levels or stages)
Mining has levels though. They also have different rewards per level.
But the idea of having deep mines is actually good but not really needed i guess

Lul that making hard on mobile

Maybe monsters reduced?