Deji lost

I’m mad! :rage:

This is his third loss and winning a fight isn’t that hard! :skull::skull::skull::skull::skull:

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At least he looked in better shape than before.

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Who’s Deji if i may ask.

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KSI’s brother. He’s a pretty famous youtuber/boxer.

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Ah so he is part of the youtuber/boxing thing like Logan and Jake Paul


Wrong topic, im pretty sure pixel pub is the right one for this post

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True but he lost to Alex Wassabi, and even KSI was disappointed in him. If you’re gonna talk the talk, atleast walk the walk but no point saying redemption repetitively, you get me?


I knew that he would lose. All the yes-men are getting annoying. Stop telling Deji that he will win and then being mad when he loses.

KSI would lose to Jake Paul. Don’t make them fight. It is just facts and if you think that KSI can beat Jake then you arent a real fan but just a yes-man who doesn’t really understand boxing.

KSI will beat Jake Paul easily because he beat Logan Paul. KSI clearly has all the physical attribute advantages over Jake Paul and KSI has been fighting bigger opponents whereas Jake Paul has been fighting retired small fighters.

There is a saying ‘‘Styles makes fights’’ so Logan Paul was struggling with KSI’s swings because he was afraid of the power he possesses and even warned Jake about it. Plus Jake Paul doesn’t have the heart or stamina that KSI does.

Don’t be calling people yes-men if you don’t understand boxing yourself. I am a boxer and a fighter in many sports and have been in the sport for long.

Deji would have beaten Alex Wassabi if he had just focused more on the offensive instead of the defensive which lead to Alex taking advantage of this increasing the velocity of punches and respect for Alex + Deji for staying humble after the fight.


Lmao you are delusional. I have been a fan of KSI since 2015 and I still believe that he will lose.

Jake Paul is taller, has longer arms, heavier, hits harder, more fights.

Jake paul has won 5 fights and out of those he has won 4 with KOs.
KSI has won only 1 fight with controversial split decision.

Jake unlike JJ has got the power in his punches. He actually is capable of knocking someone out.
Here are some stats.

height 6′1 /185cm
reach 76″/193cm
bouts 5
rounds 18
KOs 80%

height 6 (problably less) / 183cm
reach 76" /193cm
bouts 1
rounds 6
KOs 0%

JJ hasn’t been training as much as Jake. And Jake is way more experienced.

JJ will problably end up the same.

Where you getting this information from LMAO!

As you can see from the time they were face to face, you can see JJ is 1 or 2 inches taller and here is the information from their last fights plus Jake Paul isn’t 6’1, its pure lies.




He is way smaller than KSI and Jake has a 71’’ inch reach, not a 76’’ lmao.

In many interviews that JJ was in, he said he was still training and in shape.

Knocking out bums and smaller people doesn’t make you a good boxer and doesn’t mean he has power. Like I said, KSI fights people bigger than him and trains with heavyweights, he also knocked out heavy weights in sparring and is very strong, athletic, lots of stamina and has a good build.

You clearly are a Jake Paul fan boy and don’t do your research properly because Jake Paul is 5’10 at best :rofl:

Obviously Logan Paul is a way better fighter than Jake Paul, KSI had him rocked with a punch that didn’t lan clean or flush.


KSI also had 3 bouts, not 1 lmao so your statement is clearly incorrect.

Here are his 3 bouts, including 1 from Joe Weller and 2 from Logan. He won them by TKO, Draw and split decision.




All this information concludes JJ will defeat Joke Paul easily and btw, it’s probably but I’m not surprised you made a spelling mistake, because Jake Paul fans are delusional and don’t have accurate statements.

LMAO, even his own brother, Logan Paul said, KSI would beat Jake Paul just from KSI’s dog spirit and heart including his mental strength.

Therefore Jake Paul has no chance in winning!


KSI will hurt Jake so bad he will go back to making vine videos and to Disney. :rofl:

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Bro you are dumb as hell. Blind. I was a KSI fan before you were even born xD

Unlike you i get all the information from credited sites. And the same site that JJ used.
JJ also used this site in his video. And alot of people have told JJ that he is actually not even 6 feet tall but 5’11. Jake Paul is a trash human but he still can box. He is a prick but that doesn’t mean that JJ would “murder” him. If you really want JJ to succeed then you shouldnt tell him to fight Jake but tell him to focus on his music. JJ really doesn’t care about fighting Jake Paul and I can guarantee you that if they ever fight that Jake will win. It is that simple.

JJ isnt a GOD. Have you seen the pictures on his reddit? He has a belly and throws windmill punches.
He also landed less punches than Logan. I am not a Logan Paul or a Jake Paul fan. But if you would wash your eyes you could see that JJ isnt a big god who will murder Jake.

And when did Jake fight “bums”.

Actual stats on

he said himself
JJ: “We already know I am 5’11.”
Can’t argue with JJ himself.

Ok, and alot of people said Jake Paul isn’t 6"1 and if you have read all my points, you would have known I explained it and I never said he was a God, you are simply delusional. I already have proven to you that KSI is taller than Jake and the statistics aren’t accurate.

You points aren’t coherent and you don’t know how to provide a valid argument.

Nice “belly” he has though.

download (9)

It seems like you need to fix your eyesight because from what I can see here, KSI is 1 or 2 inches taller than Jake and doesn’t have a belly. You are just butt-hurt KSI will defeat Jake Paul and please provide good statements with valid points and proper websites.

And go to Specsavers! :+1::sunglasses:


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He has so far made 0 real arguments on why JJ would win. While I have brought out real proof.
You can think that JJ will win but then you will cry when he finally loses. If you really are a KSI fan then you would know that currently Jake Paul has better odds of winning.

You are delusional. Do you know what that means?

-characterized by or holding idiosyncratic beliefs or impressions that are contradicted by reality or rational argument

-based on or having faulty judgement; mistaken.

You are just saying that JJ will win because you like him more. It’s called being “biased”

Bro are you really using a random old picture from 2019?!
And in the second “height” picture your only proof is that one picture while I have actual stat collecting sites that JJ used himself in his video!

KSI used himself in a video. And you are just using a random still image where Jake could also be slouching a bit and the angle is bad. Boxers get measured before fights for stat cards. Are you really gonna argue with a picture from 2019 and a random image from a bad angle?


I have also used sites and accurate information. You clearly don’t know what you are saying and simply grabbing random pictures from Google just to make your points make somewhat sensible and coherent.

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I have used 1 pictures from google. And that was the actual fight card. You are the one using random weird screenshots that have been taken on bad angles. You’re just dumb bro xD

Nah, you just know Jake will lose so you need to lie to support your arguments and the definition of dumb is actually temporarily unable or unwilling to speak. So your hypothetically the “dumb” one here.

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