Desti without a headband (Art)



you making many forumer pfp? good tho <3

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Probably, their pfp’s are unique so I decided to also train my drawing skills while entertaining with art :slight_smile:

you make pfp are and i just almost forgot want to change my pfp

That, is, in short, the coolest damn thing I’ve seen in my whole damn life, i am downloading this, setting it to my background, pfp and phone lock screen, would be cooler if it wore a black(slightly animated) headband and on white background, glory, i love you man.

Desti :smiley:

also, on a creepy scale, how do you know i usually cock an eyebrow whenever im confused?

I didn’t, I just thought it was the right expression for the “What are you looking at?” :slightly_smiling_face:

i think took a day like 1nb4 and desti reply the comment :thinking:

i just make my own pfp. idk if i was good drawer like you

Oo yes, @Desti looks like my identical twin, but different! Good job.

Ok, nice, :smiley: thanks a lot.