Destis animeify drawing thing

They take me a while to do, tell me some pw things to do and i’ll do it :smiley:

Is this thread about drawing peoples pw character?

yes in anime version (20 chars)

Red Baseball Cap
Black Racer Visor
Ninja suit
Leather Pants
Xmas gloves
Demon wings
Xmas scarf
Red sneakers
You don’t have to draw the pickaxe since it’s not mine, and you can draw it in any gender, but I prefer as a boy

bandicam 2021-03-27 11-43-51-914
plasma jetpack
red spiky helmet thing
spectrum visor
nose huggah
nether tails
dark ifrit tails
tridentist shirt
grey alien gloves
outlander spaxe

im a monster :open_mouth:

Ill finish this in about a day. I’m definately doing urs first cuz its pretty simple.

Super complex, will take some time.

if you can could u remove the pickaxe? I can still draw it but its kinda hard to see with it on.


This is my set

Must make ducc.


Light halo
frostborn pants
frostborn shoes
frostborn armor
frost ring
light clan wings
scar mask
white contact lenses
frost necklace
blue laser sword
bird tribe hair
baby darkness

thats all;)

i can draw the saber but i need u to remove the saber so i can draw the body.

ok, will do (20 char)

Noice will do (20 chars)

Euhm ducks always first

Thanks! Working on @Celics set rn, almost done!


shirt was basic, making it look weird, forgot what pick looked like so drew like that.

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can you make it larger
its too small to see properly