Devs are pushing the jetrace too much

First off dont get me wrong i like the jetrace update but i feel like the devs are pushing it on us too hard like, why did we get a jet design contest? all jets do the same thing and having more of them will be useless. (i would have been happier with a back item contest since we need more jetpacks but idk if thats just me) and i feel like the jetrace update got old quickly, its fun and everything but you cant really profit with it and that kinda killed the update for the community because why do the official ones when you can just do the practice ones for free with your friends without losing any gems? And since they are flooding the game with jets people wont be able to keep up with them and they will just be ignored by players because all jets do the same thing so why have 9 billion of them when you can have one that does the exact same thing that the other ones. I feel like they shouldnt add more jets for a while but thats just my opinion lol (we need more jetpacks not jets theres barely any jetpacks in the game ok ok where jp please lol)

For the design probably. But i do get your point and it could also be revamped soon. Since majority of the players mostly think about making profit, and jetrace doesn’t really give much of that

I also moved the thread to #general as it seems more appropriate here.

I thought i posted it in general lol

It was posted in #Non-Pixel-Worlds-related-discussion. Could also be put in game suggestions but this seems better as that doesn’t really seem appropriate for that category.

Agreed, I’ve never won jet races before until now.

For me, jetrace is entertaining, specially if your doing it on practice mode with your friends.