Devs, help us world builders

If you like to build worlds, you probably know just how expensive it is to build them. Just for a bit of this world that I built called GEAR, I had to spend about 150,000- 200,000 gems on Pirate Boosters to get the necesarry blocks I needed because NOBODY sells these blocks.

When Jake visited it on stream he said how it is a nice design and it would be cool if more worlds could be built like this. Well, the problem is its just too expensive to do that! Worlds in PW are very similar and generically designed. You go to a trade world, its probably made from Pixel Blocks. A huge number of World of the Weeks are just Soil parkours with Foliage. Theres a ton of cool blocks that are not used at all because of how hard it is to get. For example, I have always dreamed of making a sewer parkour under a city, but Pipe Blocks are extremely hard to find.

What are some solutions to fix this issue?

  1. Increase the quantity of blocks, wallpapers and props in Boosters. For example, instead of getting 5 Green Pipe Blocks from Urban Booster, you get 25- 50. You get blocks and wallpapers in quantities of 50 and props in quantities of 10- 20. This means we will have an abundance of materials to build better worlds.

  2. Remove tax in PWE from blocks, wallpapers and props. What this I hope would do is encourage people to sell those blocks they get from Boosters instead of trashing them.

  3. Possibly a World Builder section to the store where you can buy Kits based on each Booster, for example Pirate Kit, Urban Kit. These would have all the necesarry materials you need and you can buy as many as you want.

  4. This might be controversial, but maybe a solution would be to make everything in PW farmable? That way it would encourage people to obtain blocks in a different way and make people more active possibly?

Let me know below what other solutions we could have and support the thread if you feel strongly about this.

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I 100% agree with you bro and I can also evaluate on these points! :triumph: @Jake @Dev @EndlesS

Bruh both of you no need to ping admins

But bro :joy::joy::joy: if we don’t ping these admins or not, emailing support is no good either, you get me? :joy::joy::joy: They will still take centuries to reply dude!


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I 100% agree with this honestly

its so annoying to pay like 700+ bytes for a single block thats only a prop

Yeah, i mean taxes on pwe sucks but without taxes probably it sucks too so everything sucks now…

I agree 100% that building interesting looking worlds with cool blocks from boosters can be hard in PW.

On our internal discussions it usually has come to the fact that the game values trading and gathering wealth over the sandbox aspects and world building. So there rather are blocks more rare and in that way “valuable” than giving an easy access to them allowing easier world building with specific blocks.

There has been suggestions to turn this around by making unlocked Recipe Book blocks and props accessible with gems or bytes from the book itself and even making similar “collection book” for the blocks in boosters. So for example if you have managed to get Dark Nanotech Block from the Alien Booster once - you have unlocked it in the book and are able to purchase any amount of those blocks with fixed gem or byte price.

In practice this would also mean that the market price for all blocks would be defined by the developer and this would certainly affect people focusing on profiting with some block farming.


Noone would be mass producing then, and BSPs would become dead. Any previous way to obtain a certain block, would be replaced by farming if it’s easier. That’s going to make the game more monotonous

They wanted to make some blocks more hard to obtain and add more ways to obtain them, which is why they made them non-farmable, but possible to obtain by other means.

Imagine legendary soil farmable, or hazardous platform, now everyone has stacks of legendary soil, nothing special about it anymore and nobody will go to secret base for the platforms.

I agree, I’m building a mario themed world and green pipe blocks are almost impossible to find on the pwe