Devs never told us about these two Mod...?



lol, thought that username was sniped.


Really old player, older than me by like 2- 5 days.

I never understood why people name their familiars. I know that’s a bunny familiar and relatively cheap, but I’ve seen limited, expensive familiars named too.

You can fully use familiars without naming them. If you name one, you are just purposefully degrading its value.

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Same joke not funny. Stahp

lol wut the- thats interesting :thinking:

Haha that’s kinda cool though! :laughing:

In short not everything is about money/value

If it’s what someone wants then so be it

Same goes in real life !

In this game money can always be earnt…

I don’t think i would play if it was all about the $$$. I enjoy selling cheap items for double their normal price… It might be only 15bc!!

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i dont think bumping old topics was a good idea

I agree!
Closing thread

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