Did all the old accounts get deleted when the forums moved here?

Just wanted to visit my old forum account for whatever reason. I’m guessing when the forum moved here basically everything was deleted?

Idk of it lol but how ur acc deleted?

Not in the game if that’s what you mean, I’m referring to my forum account. But I’m pretty sure both my forum account and game account were made on launch day. Haven’t touched the game in like two years though. Was just feeling a little reminiscent and bored.

Yes. All accounts and posts in the other forums are gone (except for a few archived). So we basically all start with new accounts.
Welcome back to the forums!

ah I’ll miss my top rank (forgot what it was called) but whatever. Thank anyways! I might just re-download the game just to check things out. Got nothing better to do lmao

Well known member?..

yea that’s the one. though I guess it wasn’t that hard to get if I remember (just enough messages posted right?)

Not only did they delete it without any warning, they didn’t actually archive anything. Just 6 or so threads they didn’t even do themselves

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Yes easy to get
I personally got it in just a few weeks (but seaf was the quickest to get)
Now we have trust levels

All forums accounts where deleted as said, But if you want to view the old forums there’s the wayback machine. https://web.archive.org/web/20190125191758/http://pixelworldsgame.com/

You can keep your measly 8 threads.
I want an actual archive.