Did you know?

I have been Banned from Discourse Meta (meta.discourse.org), the official forum for help with the forum software.
Why? Well, I asked how to host a forum for free and I have been apparently “too annoying” with that.
The ban is 1 year long, as you can see.

You gotta make an alt and then spam “Spaghetti” as fast as possible
Go faster than you’ve ever been

Don’t actually do that

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Sounds petty, on their part. Guess there’s nothing that can be done about it now though.

Well, then there is this

Damn, that’s annoying.

Exactly. And it’s not like “Taking a break” is an informative reason, and 1 year a short ban.

Yeah, it’s super vague…
Extending the ban doesn’t stop you from appealing your ban either, it’s a ridiculous way to deal with the situation.

Well, I guess you can always tell them on Meta, as the admins are really active on there, just not in direct messages as they tell you to go away if you do not pay for a $100 monthly subscription to their hosting.

More ironic is that I got banned exactly after creating a public post

That’s what they care for - money. How to efficiently get a lot of it with available resources.

Sadly, the admins of the forum are people that develop Discourse, and as such the only way to get support is via that forum.