Did you love the new update coming?

i very excited cause it my first st.patrick and did you love it?
i saw pixelworldsgame ig i think the gun was the main prize? (jake post it not leak bruh)

what do you think
  • very excited
  • excited
  • shocked
  • normal
  • not really
  • probally
  • bad
  • very bad
  • super bad

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I stopped caring about saint patricks since last year. The pots event takes ages to spawn and I don’t want to wait 5 hours for 10 clovers. But Good luck with the event.

just over 50 minutes left i think :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

well im not excited about st pats im excited about new recipes new crafting questline crabs and unimited mounts

Same (20 characters)

I will try making the space warrior jet

I’m not very excited about st patrick, I love if there is buff for updates we already have ex. Crabs and new recipes.

Also I’m not very hyped about any update because development literally shows all we can do there and then give it to us, there is no exploring in new updates, example mining: jake showed us all vendors, told about lucky wheel, even showed mines… When I first mined I was just disappointed, because I literally already knew what to do…

In my opinion the jetrace update was good, they showed us only vendor and thunderbolt jet, not even hangar, Wich was really interesting to explore this whole update.

And they already have revealed crafting questline…

In few words: Development leaks too much about upcoming features.

they only leaked the fact that there was one they didnt leak any of the items which was good

what about the space warrior chassis? it was the first blueprint item that actually not item/wearables…
even there is no way to get it