Didn't played the game for months, But

No new items? is this for real? it’s a joke right?

I mean some people said that so i’m curious

There won’t be new summer items as far as i know, that’s the only thing now we know for sure since Siskea confirmed it during Friday’s CTALK.

There will probably be new items for Halloween though

Oh I see, thanks for the info RetNos :slight_smile:

Friday’s Cwhat?

No artist no item.

CTALK event that happens every Friday at 16:00 UTC+2

A event with moderators and administrators, you can join and hangout, there is even a spleef during that event in which, you can win days of vip and bytes

So… How do I even join that?

Join the world CTALK a bit before 16:00 (UTC+2) on a friday, mods and Siskea will come here and you can ask them questions and/or talk to them. After there is a stage on discord where they will answer questions you can ask in the chat or via the VC.

I’m surprised you never heard about this before, there has been already 4/5 sessions of CTALK :roll_eyes:

Where is the voice chat?

On the official Pixel Worlds Game server.

It’s the stage called CTALK

What time exactly?

You dont remember that devs leaving? Thats the problem


i also havent played this game for a month+ last time i played it i only checked it for 2 minutes lol

The same server where scary triangle man banned me for the second time already for 0 reason?

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We got Black Shiny dragon wings,purple and orange drakes,and some ugly yellow sprite wings with a highed-price to make it more “valuable”