Different fish depths and background

Would be great if someone could provide the depth and background needed for the different fish species as i’m not a pro fisher myself. All these information will be used in the wiki. :smiley:

Pro tip: Backgrounds do not affect fish species, just certain lures. Liquid affects fish types. Weather does not do anything.


Huh so it was just a myth afterall. I was always told that the orbs affect fish type and that a developer even said it. Don’t know where the players got this false information from.

oh wow didn’t know that

I guess it’s easy to be mistaken when testing a specific lure: Say you’re testing worm with different backgrounds and try to find the best background for herring. You might get the results you were looking for but it was actually the worm that was affected.

It’s not exactly a secret: The NPC in Pixel Station will tell you this.

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Wow i didn’t know about this either! :smiley: And like Jay said “Don’t know where the players got this false information from”.

Oh lol I always thought winter orb is best for tuna, sand orb best for carp, alien orb for seaangler… Etc.