Disconnection Gate

While recently reading through this topic, I came up with a new Wiring Gate. The new gate is to solve a problem the creator of said topic had, as well as bring new opportunities for other Wiring contraptions aswell.
The Gate (as you might have already figured out by reading the title :sweat_smile:) is called Disconnection Gate and could look similar to this concept art I made:
Disconnect Gate Concept Art
When receiving an ON input, the output will also be on, but when receiving an OFF or Disconnected input, the output will be in the Disconnected state. To make it more clear, I also made a

Truth Table

Disconnect Gate Truth Table fixed
“/” stands for the “Disconnected” state
“A” stands for it’s input
“Q” stands for it’s output
“0” stands for OFF
“1” stands for ON

Now, you might probably ask, and rightfully so, how this fixes @Talek 's problem and how it could be also useful in other situations.

Taleks problem was, that when giving a Delay Gate set to a 1 second delay an ON input for, for example, 2 seconds, the Delay Gate would still output the last second of the ON Input, even though the input of the Delay Gate already turned OFF. This of course is intentional and useful in some cases, but in other cases you would want the Delay Gate to stop having an ON output as soon as it’s input turns OFF.
This can be made possible by the Disconnection Gate, simply put the input into the input of the Disconnection Gate instead and have the output of the Disconnection Gate be the input for the Delay Gate. When the input now turns from ON to OFF, the output of the Disconnection Gate will be in the “Disconnected” state. When the input of a Delay Gate gets into the “Disconnected” state, the output of the Delay Gate will also be immediately “Disconnected”.
This would perfectly work when you want to just wire it to a lamp or something similar. If this is part of a contraption where the output of the Delay Gate is required to be off though, you can simply put the output of the input at the beginning and the output of the Delay Gate into an AND Gate and use the output of the AND Gate.

However, this one specific problem of course is not the only use case for the Disconnection Gate. It could also be useful for some situations with Signal Holder Gates for example. Another situation I personally would want to make use of is resetting Toggle Gates, since they reset their state to off once their input is “Disconnect” and especially for resetting binary counters quickly, they could be very useful.
I am sure though, that there are even more possibility’s I can’t even think of, since this Gate is very simple and quite versatile.

All already existing Gates already know how to react to their inputs beeing “Disconnected”, so none of them would have to be updated or changed in their function, so I believe that implementing it into the game would not require too much work and it could just be added with another update.

Please give me feedback on this idea and let me know if you could imagine something else that the Disconnection Gate could be used for or if you have got any questions.
Thank you alot for reading this suggestion!


Bump because I really want it implemented

Only simple way there is 3 Timer type Items allready in game - in reality need 1.

The Delay Gate was just one example for how the Disconnection Gate could be used.
Also I would say that all Timing Based Gates in PW are useful.

Understanding electricity would be main.
No power really means no power, delay relays doesnt count timing unless they have Electricity On.

You can achieve that effect of “realism” you want so bad using the Disconnection Gate, as I already mentioned, without having sacrifice the “remembering” capability of it in PW which I find very useful for some contraptions and the removal of which would destroy many pre-existing contraptions.
I don’t get why we can’t have additional stuff on top of stuff thats is like irl.
I may of course also have misinterpreted your message since, no offense, your English is quite difficult to understand.

Agreed. I don’t think logic gates should be implemented with the idea of “realism” in mind. There’s a limit to wiring in worlds and making more gates with better functionality than just trivial binary I/O would be beneficial for everyone.

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Bumping this, because I really need this. Right now resetting anything more than Toggle Gate that keeps a light on when a Button is pressed is bloody impossible, anything you try, especially binary counters, ends in the Game detecting some “loop” and breaking your Wiring.
A Disconnection Gate makes resetting stuff so much easier. Just have your Normal Input (to increase the binary counter for example) go into an AND Gate and connect the output of the AND Gate to the input of your binary counter. Then Take your Reset Input, also connect it to a Disconnection Gate and have the output of that Disconnection Gate go into the input of the already mentioned AND Gate. Now any time the Reset Input is OFF your binary counter gets reset and as long as the Reset Input is ON your Normal Input will increase the binary counter every time it becomes ON.

This is what I was describing as a Binary Counter With Reset using Disconnection Gates. (The top button is the reset and the bottom button is the normal input)

There is Disconnection gate its Any Gate with 0 Power fowarding to Next !

There is the “Disonnected” state. Of course any gate without an input has a disconnected output, but there is no way to turn an On or OFF signal into a disconnected signal without manually sitting there and connecting it to different stuff, which defeats the whole purpose of Wiring in my opinion.