Disconnects while catching fish

I Get disconnected often after catching fish and it only happens when i have already catched the fish then it just freezes and give the bad connection icon then i disconnect and i lose my fish and my bait
ive been having this same problem for like 10 months now and ive contacted Kokouri support but they didnt answer, let me know if youre experiencing this same problem or if you know any fix to this. I would like this fixed asap since i enjoy fishing and would like to maximize the profit from it.

Huh, seems like I’m not the only one experiencing this lately.

Does the same case happen to you, @Neoslayer ?

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That’s why mining better :sunglasses:

Fishing is better. in mining ur in a dark cave alone breaking blocks and its boring

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My friend has the same issue too :thinking:


In fishing you’re literally just waiting to get a strike, while you cannot do anything else in the game. How is that less boring than mining?

because i like fishing in real life too also i enjoy it more

Fishing… broken? Nahhhh

I did some fishing right after the update and didn’t experienced this…

ive been having it for 10 months :skull:

internet issue i guess… like your ping is surely bad

its only randomly when i catch fish i have stable internet connection


It’s maybe due to your device then… maybe your ram or cpu…

16gb ddr4 3200mhz, i9-9900k

Something I crave so deeply.

Anyways, the bug doesn’t happen most of the time. Only happens like 10% of the time, but when it does, you’re just stuck with a smiling pixelian and a fish floating in the air.

Or perhaps this is exclusive to Microsoft Store? That system has a lotta bugs ngl.

Sometimes, for me its just UI breaking completely, I think the connection to it is chatting while fishing

Well, i think there is many reasons for that.

This game is very bad especially DEVELOPER not responding

There are currently 2-3 devs working on the game, you gotta be more patient, they can’t respond to everything, and solve every problem just like that.

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