Discord bans

Is there any way i can get unbanned from the pixel worlds discord? Please let me know, thanks.

What did you do? If you did do anything

Cant remember, got banned around 2 years ago

Are you serious? 2years ago…

You can appeal your ban if you direct message either Kaluub or Aldople
Here is their discord tag,

Good luck!

“Around” so i mean in the 2 years cap, nowhere longer than 2years tho

please dont post two same posts.

I get what you mean its just like, Why now??

You mean why im appealing now?

Wait did you just post this like 2years after or did you post like another one asking why u got bamned before, if you understand?

If you got banned 2 years ago, then it must’ve been a permanent ban, and those are un-appealable unless you got banned unfairly.

Didnt pin and opjr get banned unfairly or am i mistaken?

Everyone has their own thoughts on that, buddy. Don’t interfere with that part of the community.

No this is my first time appealing

Okay well maybe trg to contact the discord members as in like mods or admins there RetNos gave you there @ i think?

Okay thank you i didnt know!

I added them, gotta wait for them to accept the request now

Can’t you dm them?

Ok well wait for the best and wait for them to add you back but i think you might need to know what you did but im not sure xd