Discourse update?

V2.7.12 is an outdated version, can the forums please be updated to V2.8.0-beta10? Or is there a specific reason as to why the forums are not updated?

Because the people who run these forums haven’t considered improving the forums since the forums were launched.

True. But it’s literally as simple as going to https://www.pixelworldsgame.com/admin/upgrade and click “Upgrade all”. Not doing even that is considered laziness.

It’s not like you can expect more from them

Uh assuming the forums are actually on that version, it’s only 20 days old

Why should they upgrade to a potentially unstable beta update anyways? Better to just wait for the official release

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How did they stay on 2.7 anyway? When I updated my forums, it auto-updated to beta of 2.8.

Doesnt seem like updating to a beta version is a good idea.