Do I need more or what!? 🤔


Do I need more or what item more do I need to light this up when u come in here!? :thinking: And can I light up torches? (with those item I have in Pic number 1 and 2) Or do I need some electric item to get it work?

So I need that tool how cost 7500 gems! Then I can do so when some one pass a spot they light up and when some one pass again they turn off? Right?

What specific item is that? Give me some tips! :blush:

I want it to work like: when u come to (in real life) in to a building the lamps it turns on automatically. I want that here to and when u get out it turn off too can I get it like that? :thinking:

well you would need a proximity sensor i can help you do it if you tell me when we can meet up