Do not ban me from this forum :(

Seriously, I have been banned from other Discourse foruns. I do not want to get banned again. :frowning:

Don’t break the rules of these forums and you won’t get banned.

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Yeah but like, that forum had warnings if you “replied to an old post” or they deemed the post to be “irrelevant”. Are the rules also that strict here?

There should be not. Maybe contact Freak if you got an unworthy strike, or got any other questions.

The rules are not Bad it’s easy to use common sense if you do that you Will be fine
From leo

These forums aren’t as strict as some other forums. Just make sure to be civil.

The first one you said is Necro posting which can be easily avoided since you’d still have to dig up old threads. (Better not to reply to threads with a week of last activity)

2nd can be counted as spam
Just avoid making short replies that could not add up to the discussion or replies that makes no sense