"do not bump old threads"?

what do you guys mean? the terms of service never forbid one sending messages in old threads, if someone wants to express their opinion in an old post they should be able to do it without trouble for the user or the thread

It’s just forum culture in general

this ^
also a lot of old threads have more recent remakes too. as in someone has made a similar thread.

and personally, i don’t really care about seeing old threads i’ve already read and got over already

its just annoying, thats it, even growtopia forums are not allowed to bump old threads that like 5 years old

The reason to not bump old threads is because suppose you formed an opinion you changed, 2 months later somebody replies “omg he wrong”,
Do you spend your time and energy to make somebody realize that you changed the way you thought? And also people forget old threads and the discussions they took, when you reply to them, they have to start from scratch to form their thoughts.

This is all my speculation and I don’t mean that everybody is the same.

I think the reason of why the “Don’t bump old thread” rule is strictly encouraged nowadays because the new forum shows recent threads instead of the category like the old forum…

Would be cool if this is the main page when you open forum.
Also the Don’t bump old thread rule has been a tradition since the old forum…
I think there are some exception on this rule

Edit: For example of the exception probably like some services thread, You can still suggest an art on my art thread since it’s a never ending service unless i close it

Yeah this included too.