Do u like Christmas pixelstation?

There is one way or the other , since the Christmas event is over newly-generated pixelstations will be normal.
I could work hard and try shutting down the Christmas-themed pixelstation’s if you prefer the normal ones oooooooooooooor if you like the Christmas-themed more than the normal ones I could do nothing and let the maintenance break do it , you shall decide.

  • I luv Christmas PIXELSTATION , let it go the natural way.
  • Yeh I want the OG theme back , bring em to me boiiiii

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It’s not related to the event itself though, either a maintenance break changing it or the next update will revert the changes

Fun Fact: I joined pw 2018 Christmas and 2018 leperchaun with my subject account

It changes during the maintenance because when nobody is in a dynamic world it kinda gets deleted and a new one takes it’s place :p

The pixelstation design is not related to the event though, like I said it needs to be changed by a game update or a maintenance break

We’ll see about that