Do we have good communication from the devs?

Do we have good communication from the devs?
  • Yes
  • No

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Please give your reasoning below. Remember our opinions are valued and the players are just as important as the makers. We pay their electric bill after all.


I wish he had a good communication from the devs.

Neo make a middle option this is too vague

It’s a pretty clear yes or no question.

No, we don’t have really good communication from devs, unless jake, everyone else is literally silenced.

Sad truth. :pensive:

I would daresay not even Jake. A lot of the times he makes streams, he is just playing the game. When he answers questions, he cherry picks the ones that aren’t major issues usually newer players giving little suggestions small problems. He tends to pick the ones that are easiest for him to answer, but as a whole they don’t address the biggest problems or when they’ll be solved or changed. Heck, not even the games changelogs are detailed. We’re never told why we get maintenance, what bugs are fixed, what bugs we have, etc.


Maybe he’s not allowed to answer it? and there’s still like 100 people chatting at the time… we know he doesnt talk about scams in live.

He still answered to all questions connected with making world locks untradeable…

So you’re saying it’s against his protocol as a developer to address major issues to paying customers?

Also regarding the untradeable world locks, they only answered around 2. There’s an overwhelming amount of people against it, and we have no idea what they’ll do to solve the issues we provided.

Just like the people against P2P, they don’t actually take action based on our opinion, they make the decision themselves even if they ask us beforehand


hmmm i guess i have to agree with you.

i want to here from the people who said yes…

i said no on the poll because i don’t see any developers actively trying to talk to anyone for opinions and when they do, they completely disregard it and move on. and yes, i agree, Jake does cherry-pick what questions he answers especially on stream. on discord he’ll just ignore you even when he is active in chat.

sometimes there is good communication from Dev however i would like to emphasis that i said sometimes because i don’t really see him on the forums anymore.

pretty sure some moderators have also stated they find it hard to communicate with the developers, especially jake.


I have also heard mods claim this as well.

I would say yes, because you can start a conversation with one of the devs on the forums and I think they would reply

I vote “Yes” because first of all, Jake live streams. Other than that, we have suggestions channel and bug reports channel which does communicate with devs.
Also Commander_K’s Instagram comments. EndlesS reads and sometimes replies on Instagram DMs.
PixelWorldsGame reads every comment and replies to some of them on every social platform.
And not to forget about forums, Dev and EndlesS are very active on forums and you can communicate with them.
On some occasions, you could communicate with Dev on PW Discord and with Jake.
Most importantly, you could literally send an e-mail to a certain dev via support.
Communication literally 100, I can’t think of how you can’t have a good communication from the devs.

There’s literally no evidence of them ever addressing our suggestions or bugs. Our ideas are spoonfed to them and thrown in the trash, just like the suggestions on these forums. Just because they simulate being open to these suggestions by making channels, it doesn’t automatically make them great communicators.

They are extremely selective with Instagram comments, and I have witnessed this myself. They may respond to one or two, maybe when the post was first made.

Dev and endless used to reply frequently on forums, but that has also quickly declined. Dev does not use Instagram. Endless has left me on seen for over a month. Pixelworldsgame does not answer dms, same for Jake.
Commander_k does reply to me on insta, but only because he is aware I am an experienced veteran who knows what I’m talking about and has talked to him since beta. Even then, problems are almost never solved, problems aren’t addressed, including the time I had to wait an entire 2 weeks for him to return to me about a literal rollback making me lose over 450PL, and only got fixed because I decided to give up on Ck after he asked me a question that I already answered, and resorted to messaging dev on the forums instead (the most self aware and responsive developer)

Or regarding the time Starfire 1174 got hacked and stole my dark pixies and everything else, and CK claimed they tracked them down, and they were found on an alt, but didn’t push any further and was never compensated.

And btw, farmminer, they never reply via support. I have an automated message on hold for 3 years now.
You have go realize that “methods of communication” and “that one time they responded to this” does not equate to “communication 100”.

They could have missed it, why don’t you resend it? You can resend an email as often as every 48th hour. If you want a reply then you need to say that you want a reply.

It’s not only one time, they have replied in an order of magnitude of times, literally uncountable times on the mentioned platforms and sections. Excluding suggestions channel and bug reports channel on Discord because they don’t have to reply there and isn’t meant for replying.

You just admitted to the fact that you need to constantly resend emails and ignore the countless people who support the fact that support is unhelpful and unresponsive, shows how flawed and disorganized it really is.

Developers should be fully aware of the responsibilities of developing an MMO. You’re giving bad excuses

Jake has mentioned it multiple times on live streams that he reads them and other devs read them. And Jake actually addressed Sieggy’s mining suggestion and various of other suggestions in the live streams and in some videos.

Well I meant add an option between yes and no I phrased that wrong

You don’t need to but you could do that is what I meant. And also remember they don’t need to reply.