Do you find pw boring? (poll)

I would love if you could answer the questions below?

Do you find pixel worlds boring do you rarely play the game anymore?

If you don’t find it boring can you tell me why?

Do you ever think an update will revive pw or will it stay like this?

Is this natural that older players start getting bored of the game or is it everyone?

How boring do you find pw?

What are the causes of this? What changed? When was the turning point?

  • I love pw I play it all the time. I never feel bored
  • I play pw around an hour a day. I feel bored occasionally.
  • I rarely play pw maybe 10 minutes a day or on a new update. I feel very bored
  • I never play pw I only use the forums

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Perhaps separating the time played and the “I feel bored?” poll would help. The options are a little too over descriptive.

I was really active in game during halloween event mainly because i wanted to get 999 candy wings and just hunt for the legendaries.

Now on im just making some youtube content there from time to time.

Hmm ill try that.

Nvm its not letting me for some reason.

I’m really active in game and in forums, i play everyday like 5hrs (minimum 2hrs per day of playtime) and i’m pretty much always here on the forums helping people as well as in game and i don’t really feel the game is really boring.

Of course when i look for an item in trade worlds, look at radio or grind, at some point it’s boring or even exhausting.

I may do the same thing pretty much but i still have fun to laugh about random stuff and find new video ideas to produce content on YouTube. (about that, i’m really worried about big content creators which run out of ideas and just post profit videos, video about a new update or stream clips.)

I’ll be honest, it’s depends… if the update bring a lot of stuff that the community request / want and some changes about the community is done, then i think that YES it’s possible that Pixel Worlds will revive in my opinion. There is things to do for sure that if they are done, they will surely make some veteran players come back and / or bring a lot of new players.

For me it is, imagine playing the same game for years and years… Your interest about the game will surely decrease at some point and yea… maybe be bored or just directly quit.

Massive reasons in my opinion…

  • Old forums sudden shutdown which didn’t got announced so a lot of people lost tons of work they have done on the old forums.

  • People don’t really get attention when they do good content, get ingored or just lose people that was supporting them.

(this one applies for me i’ll be honest but not only)

  • And tons of community suggestions (update ideas, new booster, and more) and requests that don’t get listened. (One of the big one is the community requesting for more moderators in game and in forums and at this point literally yelling it to the devs)

Personally i feel that i lost the support from Jake for my YouTube channel, he was the one who inspired me to start making videos and i felt he was supporting me when i started.

Now i notice that some of my videos that were in my opinion worth the feature got ingored / rejected even through the video idea was original.

(Whenever i feel a video is worth the feature, i email the support saying that i made this video and ask them to check it out + make a post here on the forums + make a instagram post and tag Jake and the other devs + send it multiple times on the official discord server soo you can’t really miss it…)

There are sure more reasons but in my point of view, these are the main reasons and keep in mind that this is my personal opinion.


“You can love a game, doesn’t mean you have to like it”


I play a lot during good updates but when there are no updates i only log on to check on my clan,claim my daily bonus and afk in the menus


I’ve pretty much only started to play the game more since one of my close friends started to play it and it’s fun to mess around with them in the game.

Other than that I mostly play the game during new updates and that’s pretty much it

Well I might hang around in trade, buy, suomi or chat but that’s only if I have nothing else to do.


Interesting to see what people actually think.

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Sometimes I feel motivated to play, then I play, then I get bored, then I just dont play again, then repeat


I’m honestly just not bored because of card tournaments and world building, besides that any other activity is boring

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Sometimes there is little to no motivation in pw to play.

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i actually doesn’t play pw for months tho… Just only using the forum, im waiting for a big update then im back at pw :slight_smile:

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I’ll tell you what, it is never boring once you find real friends in-game.


Not exactly, it’s more like, the friends are the only thing keeping them from quitting.

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It’s quite opposite for me

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Well I’m just repeating what I hear most people say.

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:sunglasses: (i never see jake vote polls before)

And i never see him in game either