Do you hold your bladder when you're focused on something?

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C’mon mate…

This can’t be worse than

I usually hold my bladder when I’m watching or reading something very good. I know it’s not a good thing to do because of the toxicity risks involved. But it happens.

That or I drink too much water at night and when I wake up, I really need to go. I can hold my bladder overnight when I’m asleep and it’s like a natural alarm clock. Not only that but I can hold almost up to 1 liter’s worth…

I like to drink a lot of water or green tea. Water is good. Water is life. Drink plenty of water friends.

It also depends of what kind of brand name water an individual drinks. It can have detoxifying effect depending on the purity, quality, location source, and pH. I hear alkaline water is has positive effects against certain cancers. But the best kinds of water can also be expensive.

If I had to say so, just use tap water in combination with an electric kettle and an inexpensive water filter pitcher. The one I have is a Brita pitcher that I can use with replaceable second name brand filters. However, I always make sure to cool down the water after heating it so I don’t ruin the equipment/appliances.

Edit: Depending on where one lives, their own sink/tap water can’t be truly trusted to drink. Even if one shows no symptoms for years, there can be harmful metal contaminants (and/or possible biological/chemical contamination) in tap water. I’d rather play it safe when I drink and use tap water. (for coffee, tea, cooking, so on and so forth…)

im holding my bladder while reading this quite absurd thread, gotta run to toilet now…

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What do the people who chose Other do? :flushed:

Other reasons

Other people hold our bladders for us
Ok bye

I didn’t realize that so many people lived in areas with bad tap water.
My tap water is one of the cleanest in the world.

Opposite for me

I mean… I also have clean tap water too. But me and my family still boil and filter tap water for general use. Other than that, we usually just buy bottled water and drink from that.

i have clean tap water but in springs when snow has just melt it tastes abit weird for few weeks, im drinking bottled water then.

I’m lucky to have tap water, which is as clean, if not cleaner than bottled water.