Do you play pixel worlds?

I play pixel worlds. Does anyone play pixel worlds too?


This is the pixel worlds forums, so pretty much all of us here plays pixel worlds.

oh ok, thank you very much

I haven’t played it, might try it out later


I really recommend it, hope you have fun playing it too!!!

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I thought for a moment this was going to be a deeply philosophical thread or something.
“Do you play Pixel Worlds? What is ‘playing’ a video game? What has it in the greater picture that is life itself?”


Your joking right…

You can’t possibly have fallen for that

fallen for what???


why facepalm???

:kissing: :palm_tree:

🤦 20 characters

why facepalm kaljflkf

why kiss? why palm tree?

New face on the forums, horrible attempt at being a troll.

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im just asking if people play pixel worlds man leave me alone

lol, i think your just a troll bro, look at this.

It’s because u need 20 characters and “why facepalm” isn’t 20 characters

oh, just use < ajdajdnjndjandjajndjn > (without spaces) and it fixes that

I play Pixel Worlds.