Do you think PW is fun?

Title. Well personally I have been quite bored out of the game, this kinda started after I finished getting the Nightmare Wings, and that means I got tired of grinding. I’m in the verge of turning into an ex-player.


Do you still find the game fun?
  • Yes
  • No

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No. Maybe just a little bit but there hasn’t been an awesome update that really improved and made the game more fun since well…A LOT of time.

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I have this silly thing with PW where I stop playing it for weeks, even months
Then after a certain amount of time, I fall in loooove with it again and play it non-stop.


ah yes queen, so silly! :sparkles:

It used to be, to the point I would play it for 10 hours. But it got features that kind of made the game die at the same time they don’t listen to the community. Sorry I keep saying that so here is something new from ME: All I want is that ONE update that would make this game so awesome again

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Well to be honest, i still have fun playing even tho it’s been more than 5 months that i play everyday 10hrs. (mainly due to me being jobless)

Like i don’t know… i still laugh at random stuff in game. Like sometimes i go watch p2p games and i laugh at the person who lost or recently, do some nether and laugh at the person who died at the boss because he thought that he / she was invincible with his armor.
I just laugh and random stuff in game, sometimes it’s via chatting, sometimes while playing casually and i land on a funny situation.

Of course when i grind or something, i don’t laugh, i’m bored a bit sometimes but still… even if i started playing 857 days ago and i have 5.5k + hours of playtime, i still have fun about the game.

Maybe it’s just me who laugh for nothing… idk…

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Personally, I love the game because of its building aspect. Since I have no goals in game and especially no expensive items that I want, I just play the game with a live and let live mentality. I just accept whatever the game spews out at me like the occasional achievement or level-up or a sudden find like a decayed world with loot in it. I just like to hang out and chill, I guess :wink:

So umm yeah

I’m having fun, even though I’ve exhausted all there is to experience in the game

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kinda same thing happened to me too lol

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Well the only thing that motivates me currently in the game is world building since I got a kinda good idea for a world recently.

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Besides card stuff, I’m not bored of farming (Yet), so I probably still find it fun :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: