Does anyone know how to get Max armor in PW?

I was wondering if anyone knows whats the best clothes to get max armor. If anyone knows, please comment down :grinning:

If you’re not going for a budgeted one, here’s the list for the max armor


thanks for the info :sweat_smile:

If you’re on a budget, you could replace =

  1. Nemean Helm with Ice Hockey Helm (Less armor, greatly increases water and air def)
  2. Shogun Pants with Night Chick Pants (Less armor)
  3. Pumpkin Warrior Shield with Chaos Shield (Air def removed)
  4. PP Armor with Sup A Fly shirt (Less armor)

This would look insane, I can’t even imagine it.

not like that being removed will change anything

Well, unless you are facing a foe using tridentist lance
or doing Secret Base.

What they do air damage?

Indeed they do. That’s why I prefer using the Ice Hockey Helm over Nemean Helm when I’m doing SB

Oh boi, with the new bunnyrai sets, you could easily replace the shogun head/pants for cheap now.

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Remove shogun pants use bunnyrai pants