Does Mining Gears effects stack?

I have always had my doubts about how does the mining gears work. I don’t know if this was already answered by Jake in one of his livestreams but… Does anyone knows if:

  • The mining gears do stack their effects?
For exmaple

The Excavator Moustache and the Sturdy Mining Helmet, both gives you the same effect, “Bonus Gemstones”. If you are using both at the same time, do their effects stack? or it only will consider one of them.

  • Does the rarity of the gear affect on its efectiveness?
For exmaple

The Deep Dweller Shirt and the Excavator Shirt, both gives you the same effect, “More mining ingredients”. But the difference is that one has a higher rarity than the other. Does it affect somehow on their performance and effectiveness?

Thanks to everyone that helps me clarify this.

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Jake said in a live stream if I remember correctly that the affects do stack. And I think the rarity doesn’t matter if it says the same thing as with lower rarity.

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So the mining gear effect stacks, alright thank you @FarmMiner!

Are you sure about this? Have you tested this already?
Because there are some people that says that the rarity matters on their effectiveness. And I can’t determinate whether if it’s true or they just got lucky using higher rarity gears.

Anyways, thanks for the info! :smile:

Yes it does stack.

It’s the exact same.


Alright, I think that’s enough for me.
Thank you for the information provided, @Mysterious! :smile:

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If they didn’t stack that would be a scam lmao.

What really does suck is that you can’t out escalator mustache with some other mining items