Does PW make a decent amount of money?

I am just wondering how much money does PW make. I know the things that they earn money from are VIP as well as their merch and the item packs that are untradable. But, on average, how much DO they make? This also connects to the future of PW to determine how long they can hold out before closing up shop. Question for @Jake

EDIT: I had a dream where PW closed down because they weren’t making any money and they couldn’t go on anymore. That influenced me to ask this question to know the future of PW

I couldn’t find any information on how much they earn, but I think someone else on the forum or on pixel worlds reddit did.

I did find their monthly downloads

You are welcome

You forgot to check the App Store one too. It says “$30k” and “9k downloads” in June. So, $70k in June in total.

How do they find out their revenue though?

I’m Not sure either, it’s estimated I guess

Hm revenue is 40K dollars, good enough to go on

They also get support from the EU, I don’t know how much but it’s there in the website. Just scroll to the bottom and translate the Finnish.

This game has plenty of microtransactions that players won’t hesitate to buy, so money clearly isn’t a problem or they could just put in a few minutes of work to put a block and people will even buy that… Not to mention the VIP that people will actively pay for.

Unfortunately we (developers) cannot comment on how much does the game make. As a company we have decided that we do not release these numbers. Finnish government releases the basic financial data on each company in Finland every year and makes it public information. That’s where people normally follow these things.
If you look revenue numbers from places like what were posted above, remember that there are fees that are removed from them. For example Google, apple and steam takes 30% from the revenue and also there is a tax that needs to be removed from it as well. :wink:
Long story short: Yeah we are not a super rich and huge company at this moment and to be honest that is not a bad thing but we manage and Pixel Worlds is not going anywhere any time soon. :smiley:


If PW wouldn’t make enough money two things would happen.
Firstly, if the game doesn’t make money that means there are only few active players left. And if there is like only 100 active players the devs can downgrade the servers making them cheap to keep running. If they don’t do that they will most likely sell PW to another company. I don’t think the game will completely close down in a loooooong time.



Liikevaihto sen kuin nousee, mutta tilikauden tulos sen kuin laskee.
Kyllä tähän nyt Abdullia kaivataan.

can anyone translate this dude message? and the photos

Listen now we are gonna go to the tax office to check your wages.

I also have this suggestion.
You could get cleaners for cheap if you just went to the Kela office. (Kela = Social Insurance Institution of Finland)
There are surely quite alot of candidates that would be happy to help!
You could focus on something else while Abdul does all the hard work cleaning.

Sales just rise, but the financial result for the year just goes down. We surely need Abdul in this situation.

The image just shows the overall finances of kukouri

(tried translating it but some of the frases don’t translate well so not sure if it’s clear enough😂. Not sure if this was what you wanted Enchanted but did it anyway just because.)

When thinking about it, Jake has bought a brand new car recently like it was nothing. So it’s like they are super rich and super lazy (super lazy updates, boosters etc.), easy extra income for them developers.

the devs eat ramen noodles for all three meals of the day


Rich Spongebob

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Brand new? I think he said that he bought it used and like, an old car. Used old cars here go for around $2000.

2 words:

Slavic country

I don’t know how it is right there, but if that were similar than in the US, then 40K or even 70K revenue for a company with multiple developers and support team is basically a dead company that’s about to dissolve. Even average programmer salary is like 45K to 65K a year (entry level). If it’s 40K to 70K income, then it’s decent for a small indie team.