Does RNGGod exists?

Disclaimer: this thread is not intended for flexing purposes.

My friends told me when harvesting one ham radio tree can give you a drop of 1-2 items max, as what they said. I am currently investing for ham radios. Used around 30wls ( desktop seed 2wl, gramophone 1wl each) and made 10 ham radio trees, after waiting for days. It’s is ready to be harvested, after harvesting 3 trees. I got atlest 1. then after harvesting 7 final trees. I can’t believe they actually dropped 2-4 radios. I told my friends about it and told me rnggod has finally blessed you. Used 30wls and sold them for 62wls and gaved 1 free ham radio at the world PIXELSTATION. What a day!

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If there are perks involved, then RNGod doesn’t exist…

Literally no perks, just harvesting them quickly.

If rng god does exist then the only time i ever got lucky was winning bytie.
And also this is pw related so it could be placed in #general

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No need, this thread is going to die probably tomorrow.