Don't Call Mr_Valentine a Noob

I didn’t know calling Mr_Valentine a noob while he was giving away items was illegal lol… oh well, thanks for free ban Mr_Valentine (the only thing I said was “Mr Valentine is a noob” lol)

Love, love, love the epic (funny) ban!


Interesting… But who is Mr_Valentine anyway?

You’re really a nob, xaxaxa

His valentine’s special character Made by developement he is giving away stuff in Every valentine, hes like BIG Billy or smth, comes Every valentine but he is real human behind it.


Oh ok, so kind of like a secret person.

It is one of the developers. It’s Valentine’s day, nobody would like you going around calling other noobs and spreading toxicity in worlds and giveaways designed for players. Was there a need for it in the first place?

Call me whatever you like but I do not understand this kind of toxicity. Not to mention people claim they only called others “noobs” all the time, when in reality they said much more than that, lol.

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But why would a dev of all people take that seriously?


depends on person, I dont take that very seriously If Someone says it to me. Or Mr_valentine wanted to ban Someone because he doesnt have very much time to ban people.

Yeah my point exactly. People victimize themselves on here but they know they probably said worse things than just “noob”. Out of everyone in that world, I doubt you can even see that one line alone.

My guess is he’s been seriously abusing. Of course I’m just assuming, but I highly doubt anyone gets banned just for that.

  1. It was a joke
  2. I swear the only thing I was, was “You are noob Mr Valentine” lol. There is literally nobody else in the world to “bully/harass” because they are all random people
  3. It was not meant in a toxic way at all, I just called him noob as a joke, once again
  4. I can care less about that ban, but now I’m sorta glad I can tell my friends that “Mr Valentine banned me for calling him noob”
  5. I was only in that world for 1-5 minutes, didn’t talk to anybody else at all

Don’t jump to conclusions plz thank u

  1. Jokes are meant to be funny.
  2. There’s no proof.
  3. My apologies, I didn’t know calling someone a noob was a nice thing to say. Do excuse me.
    Yes, I would not get offended because it’s not serious, but it’s not a compliment either way.
  4. I don’t know what to say about the fact that you want to show off your ban to your friends.
  5. I believe it. It’s a giveaway world. I never said you talked to anybody else or anything.

The only thing I said was that there’s absolutely 0 proof to what you’re saying and considering Jake got called a noob before on his stream and actually laughed it off, you can’t expect me to believe that you’re as innocent as you claim.

Do excuse me. I did not want to offend you anyhow, that’s not my purpose. I’m just stating the facts.

If you feel like you got banned for no reason, because that’s technically what you’re saying, that what you’ve said/done is not a bannable offense, then try sending them a support mail. I mean why not if you got banned for no reason ^^?

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I got banned, for a reason, for calling mr valentine a noob, i hope you realize this thread is not to whine about my ban or curse out the developers, but to joke about not calling mr valentine a noob

i dont wanna waste my time with social justice warriors so im just gonna yeet off the forums

Social justice warriors lmao. Now that’s a funny one.

Alright xD Didn’t think the whole topic was a joke since you told me you can show the ban off to your friends.

Happy Valentine’s day to you and everyone else reading this :slight_smile:


there are people who take the word “noob” seriously???

You sure do love calling everyone social justice warriors whenever you don’t get your way. Tbh, the ban was coming when you say stuff like this all the time, and calling people social justice warriors for pointing out your screwed up ramblings



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Hey , you are not the only one.
I got a few days ban for something like that.
I am done with this game.

If you think the ba was unjust or mistaken, message

I personally doubt that you were only banned for calling him a noob. It could also probably because of your past actions?

The ban time was 24 hours there’s no need to contact support for that unless necessary.

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well congrats and good job! :joy:

Big rip to that, you could’ve got any items given away.