Downvote or report button for best set voting.
This could be an option if the set is completely unrelated to the theme, if the set reaches a specific amount or percentage of voters who had the set as a choice downvoting/reporting them, the set will be disqualified therefore reducing unrelated sets for future vote resets
So like for example
100 Players had a specific set as a choice, if for example 25% of them downvote the set because it is unrelated to the theme, it will then be disqualified. This will be harder to abuse as people will get random sets as a choice. You can say that “what if people troll and downvote” that won’t affect much as you still need alot of downvotes for it to be removed

Jake told me theres no need to add report button on it.
skipping + level might work out.

i was just voting and i wasn’t even getting anyone wearing blue like wtf. they all got red or just put on their most expensive items. the fashion show thing is a cool idea but the way it’s been implemented doesn’t seem right.

i too wish they would add it so they do disqualify sets that do no conform or to at least be able to skip it.

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