Drawing your avatars

im bored please post a picture of your avatar and ill draw it, list the items tho cause im an idiot and id rather know the items cause sometimes idfk what they are, also im lazy and so if several people happen to post their avatars and i just dont draw some of them then thats why, or if your avatar just seems like itd be annoying to draw also give me a picture of an idle pose for me to draw them in plz

no longer accepting avatars more people replied than I thought would this is gonna take me a while, also just caues you replied first doesn’t mean you get a drawing first im just going base don who’s most fun to draw

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Try to draw this one. :wink:

  • Knight Helmet

  • Ring Mail

  • Brown Leather Pants

  • Brown Shoes

  • Jake’s Muggy

  • Bone Wings

ok but pose and items, also expect a drawing like tomorrow cause it’s sorta late for me >_>

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  • Halo of Blo…Red Stuff
  • Fringe Spiky Black
  • Summer Shades
  • Black Goatee
  • Fake Muscles
  • Red Wristbands
  • Dark Ifrit Wings
  • Lifeguard Shorts
  • Black Roller Blades
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  • Light blue headscarf
  • Snake Lenses
  • Richboy Glasses
  • Jean Shorts
  • Light blue sneakers
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  • Robochick Mask

  • Robochick Suit

  • Robochick Gloves

  • Ice Rifle

  • Ghost Wings

  • Splasher

  • Pasta Jake

Draw my art of myself.


Good luck on drawing this one.




Draw a picture I stole of JackByrne on the old forums

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Good luck with this one :laughing:

  • Krampus Horns
  • Black Emo Hair
  • Heroic Blindfold
  • Gold Earrings
  • Black T-shirt
  • Glimmer Necklace
  • Dark Cherub Wings
  • Leather Gloves
  • Black Torn Pants
  • Nether Tail
  • Red Sneakers
  • Red Lightsaber
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Thanks for making everyone the art! Reserve me one and it will be appreciated. Thanks in advanced!


^ very small, my big photo is at my pc. sadly my pc’s battery is 0%… Might make it bigger once my pc is on^

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ae list the items I dont know what the shirt and pants look like

Done, good luck with it and have fun drawing :smile:

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ok @HeyRicky did yours first since it looked the most fun to draw, took me a while cause i slacked off a lot also wasnt sure what to draw for nether tail exactly since theres no real reference for it


Awww could u draw me i love that how u draw heyricky ;D
Frost ring
Light clan wings
Frostborn Armor, pants and shoes
Bird tribe hair
Scar mask
White lense
Blue laser sword

im first drawing the people who’ve already replied, and once I’m done it’d probably a while before I’m open to drawing more avatars


Wow! You are a very talented artist! Thank you for the amazing art :smile:

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