Drawing your PW Avatars Part 3 :D

There’s just a week or so before 8th grade starts, so I’ve got a bit of time to kill! Send in your Pixel Worlds avatars and I will draw them. Rules from other posts I’ve made apply here too. I will no longer be accepting submissions after the 7th one is submitted.

Happy posting! Drop your avatars below and I will draw ‘em!


If I can’t find a good way to draw your avatar, I will notify you.




Idk I didn’t still get mine drawn so idk if I should post it
And yes U can change it. Ik it hard

Screenshot_20210720-185215_Pixel Worlds


Untitled 08-28-2021 09-28-17

Untitled 08-08-2021 08-09-20 (1)

Selection (9)

I got no set. :frowning:



I know you said only 7, but this sounds really cool so if you do manage to find the time to do one more…


dude your pixelart of yourself is underrated no cap though you are a good pixelartist.

Thanks :heart:

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If you draw this set add dark jet pack which i dont have yet… and purple saber xd

Have good day :slight_smile:

Hey…I can’t draw E/PWR sets so can you please change it? Thanks!

If you manage to do something good with my set, this would be awesome!

Probably can’t accept this entry but I’m giving a try anyway

(Pet can be optional to be added btw)






Tysm it looks amazing.

You missed the black emo hair , not complaining tho since DAMN you did a really great job bro it looks awesome ty

I reply only now because i was busy but…
Wow i didn’t expected such a good draw.

I may should use it as a profile picture or something.

Really nice job, love it !