Driving update!

Lets say you want to drive in pixel worlds!
Goals-Drive to the assigned spot there is also a map
the world is in a city to drive. you can choose jobs like taxi drivers or coach bus
There are traffic clots, if you drive into one -1 life ( u have 3 lives )
New vehicles:

  1. Pizza Motor-Delivers pizza-LOCATION is urban
  2. Coach bus-Driving for long distances-LOCATION is rural
  3. Taxi-LOCATION is either urban or rural
    kinda like a simulator but 2D
    if the world is small then it will make another world like CITY1 > CITY2
Choose which one to go in the game if it does
  • Taxi
  • Bus
  • Pizza Delivery

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i think this a half good and a half bad idea
well it will be hard to the devs to code i think
and how?!?! the city is big you think you just going left and right?

How will this get implemented (shows pop up screen and you drive it or just like je trace but for cars?)

This is hard to be developed, but I sure love delivering pizzas!

Nope if the city is big then there will be a continuation like if you reached the end of the right then you will be warped to another world starting from the left

like what 1NB4 said it was hard to developed

Anyways i support pizza it relates to ROBLOX

Ummmm, dude its 2D game not 3D and i dont understand how it could look likeā€¦

Read the instruction pls agian