Drop Rate and Demand

I found ‘For Sale’ signs are easy to crossbreed but they only drop 1-2 block per trees, does that affect the amount of items (e.g; ‘For Sale’ signs) that will be sold out per world lock? Let’s say for instance, it drops 1-2 blocks, is it going to be expensive?

Yes it can indeed be a factor.
But the price will depend on the seeds ofc

It definitely will.
But of course, it depends if it’s actually functional or not and if that function is unique (only available for that item)

How is the price going to depends on the seeds tho?

Also by the number of supplies ( like just how many is being sold in pwe)

What do you mean by functional? English please.

Because yes it can drop 1-2 blocks per tree, but if the tree can easily and cheaply be made, you can still make alot of them for a specific amount of wls.
What matters is the total wls spent to get a number of the outcome

Sometimes the item iteself being sold on PWE is inaccurate, some sells it for 1 per 30-90 bytecoins. I feel like there’s not much supplies these days or maybe there are but they’re not just popping out yet.

Like for it’s uses.
An example would be from an item
Green bouncer vs Bunnynator shoes
Both have the same effect but one is cheaper so the green bouncer dropped when bunnynator shoes was released
Green bouncer was the only item with the bounce functionality/effect that’s why it was that high too

Yeah it is very easy to make but the demands, how’s it gonna function around the economy?

If more people buy --> more supplies will be bought and can lead to it rising

An item will be called profitable if the amount of item being sold out per world lock are less

Yes, less than the capital

I think it will highly depend on how much people are willing to farm those For Sale Signs
Also on its demand.