Dropgame "alert"

So there’s an dropgame in the world called “Vemppa” and it has been there now for many hours, i would really appreciate that you guys go to report that world, so we can get the owner banned, dropgames are not allowed in any case. I reported the owner but he banned me when he saw that i was reporting the world, just go there, the owner summons you and then you can see that it’s a dropgame. Of course if some admin sees this and can do something to that i would be really happy, not nice that there is scammers like this.

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Idk, some guy recently got banned from simply joining a dropgame world so…

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There is no need to do a forum post about that, just dm a moderator on forums or in discord. Most likely there would be actions taken, just report and leave. Don’t need to report it 10 times to fill the report section about that person/ world.


I will , thanks for letting us know. :+1:t2:

1.) please don’t name n shame

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