Dropped coins and more SUGGESTION

this are suggestion 2 suggestions ok

  1. dropped coin suggestion
    pile of money has a chance dropping 10-50 byte coins this are new way for getting bytes
    and chance for dropping purple glowing byte coins gives 100 coins
    rare chance drop glowing yellow byte coin gives 10000 coins

2.card battle
card battle you need at least:

  • 1 card battle detector
  • 4 any of cards

the card battle are simple use card battle detector can be get from special items>card battle detector for 10000 gems
card battle detector for finding player who have more than 4 cards
and when you find the player ask him then trade them with the card battle detector double tap
press the player and you just like trading
there are 2 buttons cancel and start
once you put 4 cards press start and the other player too press accept and the pop up will show if you win or not
you get 5 card tokens to the npc for stuff
you can get cards from booster>card booster
1 random card for 1000 gems
there is N/A uncommon rare ultra rare legendary
imma add more tommorow

FEEDBACKS (20 characters)

ok sooo… farming bytes just simply is a bad idea in my opinionalso i have a feeling ppl are gonna say it will ruin the econemy or something

It will no doubt ruin the economy

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Maybe this could just be a prop that’s rarely found in mines, and gives you 10 byte coins when broken. You don’t specify how the dropped coin would be obtained, but I’m assuming it’d damage the economy with that many byte coins,