Dual client

is there a way to dual client on pixelworlds?
idk if its allowed or not
but if its allowed i want to know how

yes there is, just download both the steam version and the microsoft store version and run them at the same time

is there another way? i cant use microsoft store

I believe there’s a way to launch multiple one steam game with an another program, try to search for it.

Why would having 2 accounts open at the same time be bannable. U can’t be on the same account tho. Unles you break any of the rules i would see no reaeson why you would be banned. Only thing is, Why would you?:rofl:

You can use bluestacks or a Virtual machine (A program that makes another sytem OS). I would reccomend using a virtual machine since bluestacks uses the mobile version of pixelworlds. But a virtual machine are known for using alot of ram.

Maybe there are other ways that i don’t know.

the rules didnt say its illegal, unless if your using it for illegal activitys.

if you play in pc, you can try steam and the microsoft app, like what they said ^
or more risky, in phone. which is where to download, just be ware of malwares.