Dummy Forum Accounts

What if someone created a dummy forum accounts and just benefit himself by giving likes to his accounts, etc. I also thought of it but I’ll just make a thread about it.


its against TOS or some other rule.

so dont do that.

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Like boosting and such. People get warned for those and it could be pretty obvious if they look into it.
This especially happened in the old forums

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Well, that is illegal in here, since it’s not fair for the other forumers.

There was a post made by SEAF some time ago stating it.
For everyone that doesn’t know or haven’t read it yet, here it is:

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Thank you. (20 char)

Yes, like the Forumers said. It’s illegal because each human can get 1 account only.

They got mental issues if they actually make a forum alt account and just like their posts/topic.

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Only greedy and Fame seeker will take that

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